A passionate UK based, vegan-founded Marketing Agency, committed to evolve, expand, and explain ethical, vegan, and sustainable businesses. With extensive experience in both marketing and design, Two Shoes Creative endeavour to deliver an exceptional service by finding that unique voice to tell a brand’s story, while ultimately always pursuing the ‘right thing’ in the process, so the world can become a better place. 

The world’s first and most organic, sustainable, daily nutrition bar for people who follow a plant-based diet. Backed by first-rate academic research and with a promise of zero preparation and plastics, Human Food provides a vastly delicious range of 100% organic, wholefood, and functional ingredients within 100% compostable packaging, enabling their customers to maximise their health and wellbeing, maintain high energy levels while supporting their immune systems. Furthermore, every order is delivered by a carbon neutral courier service!


This community of Active Vegans, a collective of “plant fuelled fitness fanatics”, wish to inspire the next generation by delivering health, hope, compassion and sustainability for the world through fully-fledged vegan/veggie health and fitness. In hosting epic sports events, Plant Based Games bring together like-minded athletes to prove that you can not only compete but thrive on a plant-based diet, and in doing so, help support an environment much in need.

An online podcast hosted, created, and edited by vegan, Jim Moore. On The Bloody Vegans Podcast, Jim discusses the diverse world of veganism, enriching his listeners' knowledge through a dynamic spectrum of guest appearances. With regular episodes, Jim endeavours to indulge his listeners into the diversified viewpoints and opinions of veganism throughout the world.


Nutritional coaching for all athletes and individuals, tailor-made to enhance personal performance, sporting competitiveness and lifestyle choices. Mush Nutrition caters for each individual to receive the finest nutritional expertise, adapted to the specifics of their unique individuality. Founder, Philip Bryden, is certified as a Sports Nutrition Specialist, Pn Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition, Plant-Based Nutrition, along with being an expert in Human Anatomy and Physiology. We are very proud to have Philip as our club nutritionist here at the Green Gazelles. 

Written by Glen John Jones, the book, Think and Grow Vegan, helps people willing to make the switch to a plant-based diet with realistic, honest, and expert advice. As a personal trainer and once an avid meat eater, Glen accounts for his journey to becoming vegan through 5 stages of reduction, resulting in the development of a smoother transition to veganism. Glen reveals that you don’t have to be a ‘super foodie’ or even like cooking to still be a well-rounded, functioning vegan.

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Tenacity. Resilience. Integrity. Apex provides personal training and development to serve a duality of health and activity for personalised growth in both mentality and physicality. Professional Rugby Star for both Harlequins and Scotland, vegan, and founder of Apex, Jade Konkel, believes the key to a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle is personal growth. Jade will help empower the changes you wish to make to achieve your goals on a specific journey that specialises in your uniqueness.

A Supplement and Nutrition brand that desires to enhance your lifestyle, improve your health and add superior support to your training regime. With over 20 years of experience, CNP Plant offers sublime, clinically studied, 100% plant-based, multivitamin and mineral-rich ingredients, blended in-house to cater for your specific training requirements. As one of the originals in sports nutrition, CNP promises to improve your physical performance, whether it's muscle mass, strength, power or agility.


A Community Interest Company that buys, sells and trades in secondhand sportswear before re-investing their profits back into grassroots sport. Locker Stash works with clubs all over the UK and hosts ‘stash’ nights for Rugby, Hockey and Cricket. On a mission to help create a more sustainable planet, Locker Stash also works with charities such as Homeless Rugby and offers services to the Children's Hospice South West.

Established in 2003, Tsunami Sportswear provides Eco driven, high-quality sports and leisurewear. Their mission to become the best sustainable and eco-friendly apparel brand is made possible through minimising their industry’s impact on the planet while producing the most creative designs of the highest quality sportswear for their clients. Through the innovation of technology and ethical principles, Tsunami’s high-quality products result in a higher standard of performance for athletes wishing and willing to make a positive difference. 

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